About Preeti Rawat

Preeti Rawat conducts Motivational seminars and keynotes for public and -+++++private sector. She conducts NLP based training sessions for sportsperson, Housewives, students, persons with disabilities and old age people. She has more than a decade of experience in providing training to people from diverse background and belonging to different age groups. Her seminars are highly impactful and play a key role in doing the most important thing ,that is, changing the attitude , the mind sets , which is considered the most challenging assignment for any motivational speaker. Her ability to gel with the audience easily, ability to connect , speak their language, be it a audience of any age group is her plus point. She uses simple vocabulary and restraints herself from using any psychological term or jargon to give the audience at home feeling and arouse interest using real life stories and observations. This makes her an out of box speaker. She specializes in Attitude, Personal Development, Life Audit, NLP and spirituality based seminars and Stress free Zones ( Traditionally called Stress management) to name a few.




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