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The company has an Advisory Board consisting of renowned personalities many of whom are highly respected and decorated Persons for their valuable work / contribution in their respective fields.


Editorial Office

Ms. Preeti Rawat

Hony. Editor-in-Chief

Editorial office is headed by Ms. Preeti Rawat. Ms. Preeti is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and NLP Trainer. She is an avid reader and is engaged in writing and editing books and magazines for competitive examinations. She has earlier taught in Delhi University and worked in the National Foundation for Communal Harmony, an autonomous organization with the Ministry of Home Affairs for a short period. An accomplished Trainer who is regularly invited to many Government organizations, NGO’s and Educational Institutes for different kinds of training programmes and seminars. She studied Public Administration, Human Resource Management, Political Science and Education. She has been working for the cause of the disabled and old aged people for last one decade. She has provided Career Coaching and Guidance to more than 10,000 students across India till date. She specializes in behavioral training and NLP based seminars on different topics. She is very religious which made her start the KGP AASTHA Division. She is great admirer of sports and is working towards development of Sports Culture in India, through her own small initiatives. She believes it is high time for us to be secular to all sports. With this vision, she started KGP Sports Division and a page Mashaal-Flame Torch.

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