KGP Sports

KGP Publications is all set to launch an exclusive section on sports publications in India for people of all age groups. Be it kids, teenagers, athletes , old age people , any sports lover or  anyone interested in sports literature or information of any kind. WE are completely secular as far as sports is concerned and all efforts will be undertaken to bring forth the achievements of all sports and sportspersons popular worldwide and played all across the world.

KGP Sports has also started a page Mashaal-Flame Torch for highlighting the Indian sportsperson achievements- Be a normal Athelete, a para Athelete or a special Athelete. All efforts are undertaken to compensate for the loss that our gifted, talented and hardworking athletes suffer at the hands of Indian Authorities, Biased media and we as people of India in this so called one sport obsessed nation. We are at work to burst this myth of popularity of just one sport in India. In just two months, our page has received fairly good response from the people of India with over 11,000 followers. It is a small beginning , we have a long way to go. This initiative has been started by our Editor-in- Chief Ms. Preeti Rawat as her dream project to unite all sports lovers in the country and extend our well wishes to all sportspersons of India ,Whether they are successful in bringing medals or not. The spirit of sports is in fighting and fighting well. Not always you win. But developing a sports culture is extremely essential in our country, as we are an over 134 billion country with not much to boast about sports achievements as compared to a large number of nations. The purpose is to give momentum to some sports in particular which are constantly delivering results and yes we will be happy, if we can do something to revive the Indian Hockey Glory as attribute to the legendary Major Dhyand Chand JI.




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